Teach Me Academy is a unique school program that offers a one of a kind transitional experience for children with developmental delays (social, communication, cognitive, or any combination.)


Our goal at Teach Me Academy is to provide an inclusive learning environment for each student that focuses on every learner’s specific strengths and weaknesses.  Teach Me Academy pairs with Therapy and Beyond by integrating individual behavioral therapy with academic instruction to provide the most optimal learning experience.

We offer students an academically enriched environment that offers curriculum-based instruction through a multi-sensory curriculum.  All of our teachers are cross-trained in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and credentialed as Registered Behavior Technicians. We use a collaborative approach with BCBAs, SLPs, and OTs with the classroom teachers to provide a language rich environment.



The option of intensive behavior and speech therapy are provided on site through Therapy & Beyond and are offered through the school day and after school. This enables many students to gain the skills necessary to thrive in such a group environment.

Teach Me Academy offers an integrated approach, designed for children who show mainstream “readiness” yet still need the benefits from an individualized education plan.


Teach Me Academy’s curriculum standards follow the scope and sequence of various home school programs and private school curriculums in order to aide in a smoother transition to becoming a full time student of local schools. The Common Core Standards and the Texas Education Agency “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills” (TEKS) are also considered when planning instruction. Teach Me Academy staff differentiates instruction based on the needs of our students. Accommodations and interventions are provided as needed to ensure student success.

Teach Me Early Childhood is a program focusing on Kindergarten readiness skills in the areas of academics, social-emotional & communication skills. Our small-ratio classroom community is guided by a teacher to maximize skill-based experiences and purposeful play to prepare each student for success in kindergarten!

redefining what it means to learn


  • Full-time enrollment with 8 week partial day summer Academy

  • Setting with Peers

  • Flexible Thinking Skills, Executive Function and Concept Building

  • Opportunities for extra curricular activities

  • ABA and Speech Therapy onsite

  • Highly qualified instructional team

  • Social Groups


Therapy and Beyond provides high quality, intensive, 1:1 ABA and speech therapy for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities both in-home and in-clinic.  Their individualized programs encourage family involvement and are designed on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis & Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior (VB) to focus on major areas of development including behavior, language, social, academic and self-help.

The goal of Camden Hill Montessori is to create a rich, stimulating school environment that will unite a community of students, families, and staff to support the optimum development of the child and foster a life-long love of learning.