Our mission is to provide a systematic growth opportunity for students who benefit from an inclusive setting yet still need specialized services. Our goal is to provide each student with a program tailored to meet their individualized needs while intentionally fading back on intensity of services until they are successful both academically and socially within the mainstream setting.
Experiential Learning


Teach Me Academy is an intensive home-school alternative program that offers an individualized academic plan for each child within a “school” environment. We partner with parents to meet the academic and therapeutic needs of your child through individualized and/or differentiated instruction and on site therapeutic supports.

Teach Me Academy has been designed to offer an enriched academic program for children who learn differently and/or may have delays in development (social, communication, cognitive or any combination) in an environment that provides natural learning and social opportunities.

Academic curricula that is multisensory and concept driven, is specifically selected based on your child’s learning style. While using state standards as a benchmark, we often place a child based on subject level competency to ensure success. Therapeutic treatment (positive behavior supports, speech, occupational therapy) are determined based on need and provided on-site to promote comprehensive treatment and cohesion among all parties involved in your child’s care.



We use multi-sensory supplemental curriculum along with standard curriculum to both ensure proper retention of conceptual material and prepare students for learning in a typical setting.

Our standard curriculum matches that of our “partner” schools:

Camden Hill: Montessori and TEKS Pre-K Guidelines

Teach Me Academy’s curriculum standards follow the scope and sequence of various home school programs and private school curriculums in order to aide in a smoother transition to becoming a full time student of local schools. The Common Core Standards and the Texas Education Agency “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills” (TEKS) are also considered when planning instruction. Teach Me Academy staff differentiates instruction based on the needs of our students. Accommodations and interventions are provided as needed to ensure student success.


Supplemental Curriculum