Frequently Answered


Q:  What curriculum standard does Teach Me Academy follow?

A:   Teach Me Academy’s curriculum standards follow the scope and sequence of various home school programs and private school curriculums in order to aide in a smoother transition to becoming a full time student of local schools. The Common Core Standards and the Texas Education Agency “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills” (TEKS) are also considered when planning instruction. Teach Me Academy staff differentiates instruction based on the needs of our students. Accommodations and interventions are provided as needed to ensure student success.  

Q:  Do you provide ABA and Speech supports?

A:   Yes.  The option of intensive behavior and speech therapy are provided on site through Therapy & Beyond and are offered through the school day and after school. This enables many students to gain the skills necessary to thrive in such a group environment. 

Q:  When is the enrollment period open?

A:  Teach Me Academy has rolling admissions, with students accepted year-round.

Q:  How many children are in each classroom?

A:  TMA maintains no more than ten students per classroom. Class sizes do not exceed a 1:3 ratio.

Q:  Will my child be able to adjust to Teach Me Academy, which is a smaller school, after attending a much larger school?

A:  Absolutely. We find most new TMA students easily integrate and adjust due to the small class sizes. Because we utilize positive behavior supports, they soon begin to enjoy school and develop an enthusiasm for learning.

Q:  Do you have a Physical Education program?

A: Yes, TMA offers physical education through in-house Physical Education as well as through weekly Special Strong boot camps which concentrates on physical fitness, as well as emphasizes learning traditional sports such as soccer and volleyball. The children play games such as four-square and dodge ball, which develop hand to eye-coordination and stresses social interaction during competitive play. Every student also participates in recess five times per week.

Q:  What other elective activities do Teach Me Academy students participate in?

A: Every student participates in specials on a daily and/or weekly basis. TMA offers several elective options, including PE, music, art, and Special Strong boot camps. 

Q:  Does Teach Me Academy have any summer programs?

A:  Yes we do! Check our website at the end of each spring semester for more details and registration forms.  You can also like our Facebook page to stay updated on summer camp themes.