The inspiration for Teach Me started when my family adopted my youngest brother from Russia. At eighteen months old, he had few sounds, little eye contact and displayed behaviors such as headbanging. I remember my mother trying to redirect his attention as he lined up shoes or separated toys into color-coded piles on the floor. By age two, his obsession for structure along with poor communication skills drove my parents to seek professional help. As the oldest of five children, I recall my mom working tirelessly. From school district red tape to frustrated therapists who readily gave up, she ran into dead ends time and time again. However, her perseverance paid off, when one dedicated therapist, through the use of sign language taught my brother to speak. By the beginning of kindergarten, he was saying three-word sentences, by the end of that year, he’d risen to the highest reading group. Being the big sister, I admired the therapist for the time and care she gave my brother. Watching his communication skills and confidence grow inspired me to one day make a difference in other children’s lives, especially ones who are often overlooked.